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Welcome to DÉCOR PLANit - a site that is dedicated to promoting decorative surfacing products and furnishing the industry with calculators that are flexible and accurate.

These calculators easily converts basis weight, grammage, mass (weight), area and length between metric and imperial values, allowing you to quickly determine your manufacturing and procurement requirements. The calculators are designed for the following products:

  • Saturating paper - HPL (High Pressure Laminate), TFM (Thermally Fused Melamine), Laminate Flooring, CPL (Continuously Pressed Laminate), Thermo Fused Laminates and Post Impregnated Foils
  • Topcoated paper - Light Basis Weight Papers, Pre-Impregnated Decorative Foils & Finish Foils
  • Films - PVC, (rigid or semi-rigid), polypropylene & OPP (Oriented Polypropylene), acrylic and more

Common metric / imperial conversions will be added soon - please check back

Please contact me with any questions on the use of the calculators, suggestions or to request modifications.

Bob Knothe

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