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Area and length conversions for a roll of film (see types below)

  • Vinyl (rigid or semi-rigid), Polypropylene, Acrylic and more...
  • Calendered or extruded
  • Single ply or Multiple ply (sandwiched films)
  • Solid or printed designs (surface printed or reverse printed)

This calculator easily converts between area and length on a roll of film.

Required input:

  • The width of the film or design width
  • And one of the following: square meters, square feet, linear yards or linear meters in a roll of film.

Key Features:

  • Allows mixed entries between metric and imperial values converting the values as you enter
  • Partial clearing of the calculator is supported - just re-enter the value to a earlier step
  • Decimal point accuracy up to five places - default is 2 decimal places (1/100)


  • Step 1: enter the width of the film in inches or millimeters in the appropriate field. Note: on some printed film the design area may not extend to the edges - please understand (see below) the width you enter will effect the final answer.
    • Film width - there may be some margins on either side.
    • Design width: the width of the film that is printed and usable (with texture & coating if applicable).
    • Trim width: paper trimmed to your specifications.
    • Cost width: this is the width of the paper you are charged for. Note: this may NOT be equal to base, design or trim widths.
  • Step 2: enter the area of the roll in square meters or square feet or enter the length of the roll in yards or meters.
  • Press the 'PLANit' button.
  • The decimal places (located between the reset & 'PLANit' button) can be changed at any time. Note: The original values entered is not modified with the decimal change request.
  • To clear the values just press the reset button to clear or re-enter a new value.
Step 1:
Width (see note above)
Step 2:
Area or length of the roll of film
Square meters
Linear meters
Square feet
Linear yards

Disclaimer: These calculators serve only as a guide and therefore the results are not guaranteed. While every effort was made to make these calculators as accurate as possible, product tolerances and rounding errors can and do affect the calculations. Please consult the decorative surfacing manufacturer or supplier for actual values.

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